Can I upgrade my laptop with a Low Volt Pentium M?

I have a Dell D600 which has a standard Pentium M. I noticed that the Low Voltage Pentium Ms (as opposed to the Very Low Voltage CPUs) use a voltage range that is contained within the standard Pentium Ms voltage range. The following figures are for the 90 nm Dothan versions:

Pentium M 0.988 – 1.356
Low Voltage 0.988 – 1.116
Ultra Low Voltage 0.812 – 0.940

This got me wondering if it’s possible for laptops to easily support a low voltage version. Or does the voltage controller need to be of a higher quality, to accurately provide the very fine voltage differences that the low voltage versions require? Different speed steps can require as little as 0.016 of a volt difference when switching.

I assume that the BIOS has to specifically support a particular CPU, which is probably going to be the stumbling block if the voltage controller isn’t.
Or can you use something like RMClock to setup custom voltage steps?


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  1. It should be able to support the Low Voltage part just fine. BIOS should support both already.

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