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I am using hp mini 210 1014ee,which has a Windows 7 starter os.
Now I am assigned a work related to computational fluid dynamics where I should use software like CATIA v5, ANSYS etc.
All these software requires high speed computer.
Unfortunately one of my software is not working in my computer, it is showing compatibility error.
Now I have to upgrade Windows.
If I upgrade or change to Windows xp, can my hp mini work on these high speed software or should I get a new laptop?
If I have to buy a new laptop which one should I go for?
Please help me to get a solution!
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  1. I believe the software might be looking for a multi-core processor.

    The Atom N450 is a single core 64bit processor with a build in GPU.

    I would buy a laptop that has a separate GPU like a Mobil Radeon 5xxx. I know it is more expensive $800 plus.
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