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Hi I'm looking for a gaming laptop in Australia for under AU$3000 preferably with a 16" or 17" 1080p screen and a decent graphics card. I'm not looking for much in the way of battery life and preferably under 5kg so i can take it on planes with a 7kg limit for carry on. I game a fair bit but also use audio, video and picture editing software along with CAD design. The games I play mainly or are potential games are CounterStrike: Source, BBC2, Just Cause 2, Assassins Creed 1 & 2, HL2 etc. I would also like it to be somewhat future-proof in the way of current specs and upgradeability as i want the maximum life out of it (2-3 years.) Something within Australia would be good so there isn't any tax and importation issues along with more difficult warranty should it arise. Please dont say just get a desktop because I can't afford to check it in with frequent flights and hold up to moving around; it is just impractical. Hopefully this is enough information and thanks in advance :)

please no Envy series or Alienware as i have heard too many complaints about heat and the screen hinge with the envy series. I have also heard about driver issues and warranty with the Alienware laptops
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  1. it would incur a 10% tax i think because xoticpc is US.
  2. Oh... Wow. that is quite cheap for what you get even with tax. Thanks I should take a look at that.
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