Printer not printing more than one copy at a time documents

I have an xp machine and a windows 7 laptop. Both systems will not print multiple copies either in Wordperfect or word? Help
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  1. Have you set the number of pages to print in printer options? if so, is the printer set to print from the sheet feeder not the single feed option?
  2. What kind of printer do you have? And when you say you can't print multiple copies, is the problem that you can't set the number of copies in the print dialogue box, or is it that you only get one copy printed even though you were able to set the number of copies to (for example) 2?

    Some printers can print multiple copies on their own - for these Windows sends only 1 copy to the printer along with instructions to "print twice". This is known as "mopier mode". If Windows thinks your printer can do this but it really can't, then it could explain why you're having the problem. Try checking the setting for your printer:

    Start -> Devices and Printers

    Right-click the printer and select "Printer Properties" (NOTE - not just "properties")

    Click the "Device Settings" tab

    The "Mopier Mode" setting is under "Installable Options"
  3. Thanks sminlal. I Disabled the moiper mode and started printing
  4. I had a customer with the same issue today. I was half expecting to find that the "Mopier Mode" to be selected. I was shocked to find that this option was not even an option :??:

    Looking through the driver I noticed the the option for a bottom tray was active. Customer confirm that there was no bottom tray. Once this was deselected all started to work OK. :)

    Thanks for the pointers though Guys!
  5. Disabling the "Mopier Mode" in printer properties worked for me (just like "sminlal" suggested). Now I can print multiple copies again.
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