Best CPU for video editing

What is the best cpu from AMD and Intel for videio editing?
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  1. Both are good for editing.. Editing loves memory and fast HDD...

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  2. I don't think any cpu can be considered good for cpu editing today. I recently started toying with Adobe Premiere, trying to produce a movie from a FRAPS recorded IL2 session, and I was utterly appaled at how incredibly long it takes to render even a fairly simple edit :O

    Seriously, I thought DVD->DivX encoding was time consuming, but this is *ridiculous*. Now, I don't know much about Premiere, so I might be doing everything wrong, but if what I see is the perfomance you get on a (granted, not too high end) XP3200+, I'm gonna ditch digital video editing. No point in buying something faster either, anything less than a 20x speedup wouldn't be worth bothering with for me..

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  3. Home video editing (whit pinnacle studio 9 or abode premiere), nothing professional,
    Nothing of professional, but to buy a computer and when making the video edition I do not want to wait, to wait and to despair.
  4. Get 2.4 GHz A64 3400+

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  5. Usually Intel CPU have an advantage in <b>Video Rendering</b>. Here is the latest THG charts that shows video perofrmance comparison :

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    I do personally thinks that Rendering test alone are not good, since most of the time spent by people who do digital video editing is "editing videos" not rendering them.

    From my personal experience in digital video editing, An Athlon XP 2400+ with 512Megs of RAM is more than enough for Real-Time Mini-DV video Editing in Sony Vegas.

    What will you do in the Digital Video World? If you will mostly RIP/Encode/Transcode/Render, than get the fastest Intel CPU you can afford. But if you do mostly Real-Time editing get something that will fit your need... Which means if you will play a lot on the same PC, get an Athlon 64 which are very good at gaming, on the other if you will only do Video editng, than get an Intel based system with a lot of RAM (at least 1Gig).

    If you really want to do Professionnal Video Editing get a Dual G5 Mac system, it's amzingly fast in Editing/rendering. I know someone who have an incredible Digital Video Editing setup... Dual G5 + Single G3 systems! It's very impressive to see this setup in action! He do Editing/FX/Layering/etc... at broadcast Quality in real-time. It's very cool!

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  6. 939 3400+ =2.2ghz with 800HTT
    754 3400+ = 2.4ghz and is a very good bang for your buck.

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  7. I already read THAT thread and provided the correct information in THAT thread a day or 2 ago.

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  8. What are the specs of it then? How much cach does it have and what is the HTT speed?

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    Did you notice how old this thread is?
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