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So my sister reformatted her Asus 7750-G laptop and I'm trying to re-install the network drive. I went on their site, found the right one, put it on a flash-drive, put the flash drive in the Asus and went to Device manager but no matter what i did I couldn't get the Asus to find and install the driver properly even though it's right there and I practically shoved it in it's face.

What am I doing wrong? I hate installing drivers >_>
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    are you running windows 7? is it supported for you operating system? if not and its an xp driver etc run the installer in compatibility mode. by right clicking and hitting properties and going to compatibility. i would also check run as admin as well
  2. Damn, just noticed it's 32x bit Windows 7 and these are all for 64 bit. Wish the site would tell you that beforehand before you waste all this time.

    But I ran as Admin and it seems to work fine. Thanks.
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