1600x900 it 1080p or 720p

brought an lg 20 inch led monitor its resolution is 1600x900 dont know whether this reeolution is 1080p or 720p
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  1. neither. it's in between. 1080p=1920x1080 and 720p=1280x720.
    you could run it at 720p but not 1080p.
  2. if i run it at 1600x900 what its called 900p
  3. Don't worry about 720p or 1080p. They are broadcasting standard and don't have a lot to do with actual screen size, and either resolution will display on your screen.

    Refer your screen res to the actual number of horizontal and vertical pixels (1366x768, 1440x900, 1920x1080, etc)
  4. i want to play games with this monitor thats why im max res is 1600x900 if i set in this resolution and play the game what it is 900p or 720p or 1080p
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    Well, if you really must know all of the screen res standard and it corresponding name:
  6. my res 1600x 900 is hd+ resolution .thanku for the info
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  8. Still a better idea to write out the full res (1600x900) because not everyone knows the name of the corresponding resolution and if you say 900p, it refers to the number of vertical lines, so it could be (1440x900, 16:10) or (1200x900, 4:3) as well.
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