Importing a laptop from USA to AUS

How would someone go about importing a laptop from the USA? Are there any surcharges on top of the original price I need to take into account? If so are there discounts for high school students? Thanks in advance
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  1. (1) No real discounts for HS students other than the Normal "Back to Shcool" sales which is ending. Some HSs offer a reduced pricing, but this is limited to their student only.

    (2) Surcharge - quite possible, in the form of Customs and or VAT - This you could possibly check by "googling" AUS customs and VAT for your country. Do not know if AUS has a Value added Tax (VAT) the same as England.

    (3) A bigger problem is finding a vender in the US that ships overseas. Could also Check Taiwan - BUT SELECT vender carefully. I'm in the US, but found my Blu-ray laptop drive at half the US price at a Taiwan site. I paid no customs (have no VAT here) and had the dive within one week.
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