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Budget gaming laptop

i want to buy a budget gaming laptop . i have four laptops to choose from help me to select the right one.

1. lenovo y560 with i5-450m , ati mobility radeon hd 5730,
500 gb , 4gb ddr3 ram,screen 15.6" display 16:9.

2. sony vaio e series with i5-520m, ati mobility radeon hd 5650,
500 gb , 4gb ddr 3 ram,screen 14" display 16:9.

3. acer 5740g with i5-450m, ati mobility radeon h 5650,
500gb,, 4gb ddr 3 ram,screen15.6" display 16:9.

4. acer timelinex 4820tg with i5-430m,ati mobility radeon hd
5650,500 gb, 4gb ddr3, screen 14"display 16:9.

which one would be the best....
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    The first one has the most powerful VGA,so it will perform the best in games.
  2. lenovo has better gpu but sony has little better processor . . . Will 5730 gpu will overtake the processor difference
  3. In gaming yes,because most games are GPU limited.
  4. thanks maziar now i will go for lenovo Y560.... For about 1100 us$
  5. No problem,hope you enjoy it
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