Random BSOD problem with Lenovo Z580

Hi ,
Few days ago I bought a Z580 Laptop (CI7/4GB Ram /500GB HDD) ..
I get BSOD and I unable to find the reason :smileysad:

I tested the ram with memtest/HCI memtest and windows memory diagnostics for over 24h and not error showed ...
I tried to recover the windows but I still get blue screen :smileysad:

blue screen appears very randomly ,

I was even not able to create recovery disks using lenovo recovery software and I used linux live cd to create image from hard disk ,

here are two of crash dumps which I have now ( I lost previous crash dumps ):


I got very different blue screen messages

like :
fault in nonpaged area
IRQL not less or equal
ntfs.sys error
and ...

As I said using a clean and recoverd windows doesn't help ...

I would be glad if someone can help me to resolve this problem ...
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  1. Two of the BSODs in particular that you have gotten stick out of the pack. Namely the one concerning the file ntfs.sys and the other being SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. These two alone tend to make me think that the partition table is either corrupted or has been infected with something.

    I understand that you mentioned that you created an image using LiveDisk but that cannot be considered a clean install due to it essentially just cloning the installation (and the aforementioned problems).

    You may have to go as far as attempting to acquire a Windows 7 CD or contact Lenovo in order to get one and go in and take out the OS partition and then re-build it.

    The source of this could be a bad image load from the factory and there is no true way to fix it using the Lenovo eRecovery because it essentially will load the same suspected bad image.

    I'll look around on the Lenovo site for you and see if I can dig anything helpful up. If I do I will edit this post.

    UPDATE: I'm assuming you are state-side so here goes. The best option would be to contact Lenovo Support and see what options you have as far as obtaining a OS CD for the computer. If they are not willing, there are "methods" of getting a Windows 7 iso in order to redo the system and still use your product key.
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