Windows 7 says speakers not plugged in but they are and they work

Windows 7 Home Premium 64

Says Speakers are Not Plugged in and won't let me get them to work.

Under Device Manager the system Lists

AMD High Definition Audio Device
Realtek High Definition Audio

Both Say "This Device is working Properly" and drivers are Up To Date

It has an AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series Video Card which is Ported to an Acer LED Monitor via a DVI interface and is also connected to a

Visio HDTV Via the HDMI interface on the card.

Under Control Panel Sound "Speakers" Realtek High Definition Audio is Greyed Out and it says "Not Plugged in"

Except it is plugged in and was working Fine until I Set up VLC to play my MP3 Music Files and MKV Videos on the TV rhrough the HDMI


That caused the Speakers to Stop Working. It is Using AMD HDMI Audio Output. Disabling that Does Not allow me to get back The

Realtek Audio.

System Restart has No Affect.

I can not have to reinstall Audio Drivers after each use of the TV to watch a Video or hear Music. Sometimes I don't want to use the

TV and that's the Rub: It won't let me use my Speakers through the Realtek Audio "Speaker Jack" anymore. And it is "LYING" about the

Speakers being unplugged. This is a Microsoft BUG and it needs them to FIX IT.

Does anyone know of a reasonable Work around for this Idiotic Nonsense?

Why Can't both Audio Devices Work ?
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  1. Windows can only handle one audio playback device and that is by design and not a bug. You can switch the standard playback device by right clicking on the volume icon in task bar / playback devices.
  2. Where I could Select "Speakers" and then "Set as Default Device" if It would allow me to do it. "Set Default" and "Configure" are Grayed Out. Is that a BUG ?
  3. Removing and Re-installing Driver for Realtek Hi definition Audio Gets Speakers back up and Working. Not a Very Elegant Solution. Anyway, thanks for the help noidea_77 .
  4. I'm having the same problem. I can't seem to fix mine though. I uninstalled all of my sound devices in the device manager and got them all back, but the problem persists. I started when I got a new graphics card and plugged in an hdmi to hdmi plug. I think that's the reason, but I can't change the plug because none of the others seem to be working with this card. Anyone know how I can fix this? I tried all of the things you guys mentioned up top also.
  5. Having the same problem. I was trying to install some extra RAM. That didn't work out so I removed the RAM and when I turned my pc back on my sound wasn't working anymore.
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