Laptop Lockup, not overheating

Ok, so my laptop will lock up at random times, i installed a heat monitoring client, and when it looks up the cpu and gpu heat are not over 75C. I also have the full version of AVG and searched several times for root kits and the like. It happens mostly when I am watching a movie or playing a game, but not all games. I play WoW on lowest settings and it will freeze up, sometimes when nothing is really going on (char select screen) and at random times, sometimes it will happen in 5 mins, sometimes i can play for an hour or two. I also play Borderlands on about mid settings and it has never locked up once while playing it, sometimes i will play for 3-4 hours and still no lockup. Other times are when I'm in Photoshop or Dreamweaver, and sometimes while browsing itunes(my library, not itunes store) What happens is the screen will look exactly the same, only no form of input will work, and if I'm listening to music it will continue for 30 secs or so before it stops too. I am using a mouse, i have tried w/o the mouse being plugged in and it still happens. I have tried with it not being plugged into an outlet, tried taking the battery out and leaving it plugged in...still happens.

Sorry for the wall of text, I just want to make sure I have all my bases covered. I appreciate the help in advance, thanks.

Edit: Forgot to say, it will just stay that way until manually shut off, also its an Acer Aspire 5739.
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  1. If it's not a heat issue, then it's most likely a driver problem. Check for updated audio and network drivers from the Acer website for your model. Then find out what graphics chip is in your Aspire system and go to the proper manufacturer for updated drivers (NEVER use the video drivers provided by the system OEM. Always go to the video chip manufacturer instead, and the one's provided by the system OEM - Acer, Dell, Toshiba, etc.. are almost always out of date).
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