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So I would like to get a keyboard for Starcraft 2 but have no clue what a good gaming keyboard to get would be.
So far I'm looking at a:
Tt Esports Challenger $46
Logitech G110 $58
Logitech G510 $87 (would the LCD be able to show APM, current and average with a mod or something)
Razer Arctosa $46
MS X6 $65
Does anyone have previous experience's with any of these keyboards and how would you rate them for:
Features that you liked
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  2. Logitech G110 is a little expensive as the sum you provided, it runs smoothly anyhow when i test the responsivenee as quick as i could, also bring some noise in midnight, but it is unavoidable,right? the sound is acceptable can also be sure, the feature i like is refered to its Hi-Speed USB 2.0 hub port on his body and some kinds of color to choose. i found it could be cut down to be $49.9 in ebay.
    but if you are not regard the brand as important, i may recommend this one for you, it is 45%off for $16.33 but will expired in next 8 hours.
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