BSOD's During games

any help will be greatly appreciated

If you need dump files i can include them although i dont know how to upload them to this forum

Fx 6100
HD 7950
asrock 990fx extreme 3
corsair xms3 8gb
corsair 650w enthusiast psu

temps aren't very high I usually don't get to play games long enough to get high temps
i booted to bios after a BSOD in bf3 cpu temp was 43C and under benchmarks my gpu runs around 56C
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  2. Brett928S2 said:

    edited and included above for handiness
    can't believe i over looked that
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    Doesn't sound like heat is your issue.

    Are there alot of items starting up when Windows does? This could be causing the system to go haywire under load when gaming.

    Your can either check it by doing msconfig or by downloading AutoRuns from HERE.

    Clear out anything that you don't need and see if the issue persists.

    If you're not sure what something is. Go to Pacs Portal
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