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i have a emachines notebook by acer and i have a problem with it's increasing temperature bc the fan get's late to turn on what's the program tht controls this fan??
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  1. You'll have to check the bios under "hardware monitor" or similar title. Smartfan is a common program in the hardware monitor section. You can disable it if you want the fan to run at full speed all the time. I use the "quiet" setting in my bios, but adjustments vary with each motherboard. Variation in fan speed is normal for laptops or desktops. As long as your programs are stable, I wouldn't worry about it. Frys yesterday had a laptop cooler free after rebate. I would look into getting one especially if you are gaming on your laptop. Some programs such as coretemp work well in windows xp, but I don't use any for windows 7.
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