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Hello, i'm looking for an external graphics card that i can use w/a Dell Latitude D830, that will allow me to install & run MAYA 2011 and view 3D animation in Photoshop...
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    You might be better off getting a different laptop more suited to the job. External graphics cards are very limited in both choice, and available bandwidth once you do get one. Every one that I have seen connects via the Expresscard slot, which provides the equivalent of a PCI Express x1 slot on a desktop.
  2. Thanks, but i can't afford to get a new system, just had this one rebuilt; didnt know about the card until i tried to play a 3D animation i set up on a MAC in class. i only need the card for 3D software (Maya & Photoshop)... won't be using it all the time. i work in 2D most of the time (photography/graphic arts). just need to get thru this class.
  3. Hmm... I can't seem to find any external laptop cards anymore. There were a few put out at one point, but I guess they didn't sell very well. Found the odd reference to the Asus XG Station and the AMD XGP, but I don't think you can buy them anymore.

    Unless someone else can find a current solution still being sold, you're probably out of luck.
  4. REALLY hoping to find an external video card... just need to know what to look for. i'm googling now... have been since midnite :-(
  5. sincerely appreciate your help. i have a toshiba satellite laptop i plan to trade soon; perhaps i can obtain a laptop w/the right graphics card for Maya 2011; though, i really don't plan to use Maya forever; student license, 13 months, IF i can install it; no point w/o the right graphics card. (sigh) i really hate being tied to the college, working in the Mac lab, but i may be stuck this semester. thanks again.
  6. What about this one?,10527.html - could i use it with Maya 2011 & Photoshop 3D w/o ATI? or is that absolutely necessary for Maya 2011?
  7. I have no idea if it's necessary for Maya, since I have never used the program, and don't know what it is or what it does.

    Should work though, provided you can find a more powerful card that does not require a 6 or 8 pin PCI-E connector, and can actually find where to buy the GUS unit itself.
  8. Neither had i -ever heard of or used Maya software- will have to in this class; deals w/3D technology; being introduced thru Adobe photoshop 3d animation. Anyhoo, i've decided to take your suggestion - indirectly. i need motherboards for a couple of my desktop PCs. Going to replace the MS-6340 w/an Intel micro ATX motherboard; i am reviewing them on now. i need the graphics card to work w/3D software. i want the duo core but one of the m-atx motherboards has the atom processor integrated. or, i'm considering buying the board w/the duo core separate; i'd have to install the processor-never had to do that.
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  10. Thanks for your help. This Forum now shows me as Anonymous; i was kicked out after 48 hrs, never received the confirmation email. i registered again today, so far, all is well - after a bumpy start. hopefully, they transferred the points i'd accumulated from this forum; wanted to make sure you got points for being the only one to help me. Never did find that GUS. Decided to rebuild one of my desktops - the one with the fried HT-2000 was given to me by a client - the motherboard is fried at the power supply - i only hope the connected hardware is still good (HDD, DVD, FLOPPY, MEDIA READER, USB PORTS in front, CAT5 CONNECTION...) - i want to replace it with either an Intel board or one that has cpu combo - i need a dual-core pentium or atom; has some motherboard combos, just need to make sure the connectors fit in the chassis area.

    i've registered again - as the same person - and put a question in Motherboards & memory - i like this board... advertises the people i use. have an asus dvd writer i got from ebay - it's on the other motherboard i will replace later... will ask about that later. thanks again for all your help. if you know of a good micro atx with cpu - pref intel dual-core, w/good graphics card, let me know! thanks.
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