My PC won't boot up! i keep getting an error saying that it can't find the OS Lo

Hello, my iMac pc that has windows 7 stopped working, it keeps running the automated start repair and keep restarting after it tells me it has a problem, and when it says it fixed it, it just keeps going in a loop with the start repair, and i can't seem to access any way to boot the pc cuz it keeps telling me that it can't find the OS Loader after i had a powersurge, i need some help, i even tried making a disk partition of Windows 7 install to a USB and when i plug it in, it wont give me an option to boot from it and i even tried the Windows 7 Install CD and it still doesn't work, cause when i start the pc it shows a gray screen, till it says loading windows files, then it goes right to the automated start repair thing, and its driving me nuts! if someone could help me i would be appreciated!
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  1. Sorry. only just noticed you have a Mac machine. I know zilch about Windows on a mac so I removed my original text.
    All I can suggest is you install the drive as a second drive on a PC & test it with "Seagate SeaTools for Windows":
  2. Ok i just tried that on my other pc and everything runs perfectly, but on my iMac it still does not work, it keeps telling me that it can't find the OS Loader. how do i make it work on my iMac again? this all started because there was a power outage that happend, and did it 7 times like a milisecond of each one. I even contacted Apple Support to see if they could help and they said that you can't use windows OS in a iMac, if you can't use windows OS in a iMac then why do they give the option when you buy one from them? i had the iMac for 6 years now and it worked great till yesterday where it couldnt find the OS Loader cuz of the stupid power outage.
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