Acer aspire one enter not working

my Acer Asp[ire One boots up OK & pad works to move cursor around screen - but nothing else works - no RETURN button, programs that I manage to start before it goes dead (I have a bout 3 seconds while booting up)just freeze ...plugging a mouse does nothing -I can't even turn it off w/o pulling the battery... any ideas?
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  1. Does the unit feel hot? Sounds like you either have a heat issue, or faulty RAM. Check the heat coming from the unit first, then we can move on to testing the RAM out.
  2. it is not hot.
  3. Ok, download a copy of MemTest86+, put it on a usb flash drive (any will do, the program is quite small) and test your ram for a few hours.

    If MemTest reveals no issues, then I would contact Acer for warranty service. If the ram isn't the culprit, you could be looking at a faulty hard drive or motherboard, both of which Acer should be able to replace under the warranty. If the ram is the issue, Acer should also be able to replace that under the warranty.
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