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As I said before I haven't built since Microsoft turned a user friendly product into a pain in the kiester. added info: MB M4A79XTD EVO, CPU:AMD Phenom II x4, Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5750 PCI 2.0 w/ 1 GB DDR 5, 4 GB RAM. Any help is greatly appreciated
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  1. Installing Windows 7 is pretty painless, you may need to get W7 drivers for your motherboard and Graphics Card.
    You will need a full version unless you have a previous OS to upgrade from.
    If all goes well it should take 15- 20 minutes on that system.
    I recomend you choose don't activate after instalation but wait for a few days to make sure all is well. You may as well use up some of the 30 days first.
  2. Problem is solved, thank you for the advice. I needed to set the SATA connections to AHCI in the BIOS prior to attempting the install. I was shocked at how fast Windows 7 loaded and installed. The computer is up and running. Everything loaded fast. All it needs now is an internet security suite. I prefer Kaspersky.
  3. Glad it all worked out for you, have fun.
    Kepersky is probably as good as you can get, if was to get a paid version that would be my choice.
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