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Hey Guys,

I had a Samsung Syncmaster 206 BW 21" before, and switched it out for a Packard Bell 240 LED 24", or, I got it as a gift.

It should be good as a gamer monitor. 2 MS responsetime and all that.


I have tried several 24" now, and it seems like the pictore gets more blurry or drawn several times with a bigger monitor. When I move around with my Samsung in a shooter game, yes pictore gets drawn a little extra but not that much, but seems it is more visible on a 24"?

Or is it because I went from LCD to LED?

Sorry for double post, wanted to edit thread but not allowed to.
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  1. They are both LCD monitors. The LED is what kind of back-light the monitor uses. So chances are your old one used a CCFL back light where your new one uses a LED back light. Different types of lighting from behind the LCD. (Liquid crystal Display).

    Response time listed by manufactures isn't always true and most of the time is tested with gray to gray instead.

    What is the resolution of both monitors? Just because the monitor is bigger doesn't mean it will be better. If I put my 42 inch hdtv in place of my computer monitor I would notice that it as considerably blurrier. Because the 42 inch actually has a lower resolution and lower response time. Which would compare to your description of "blurry and drawn several times".
  2. My old samsung is 1680x1050

    My new PB is 1920x1080
  3. Packard Bell is not know for their quality, bigger monitor does not not better quality monitor.

    Turn on vertical sync in the games, and you should also list your system specs, issue could be that your video card can't handle the extra resolution, if you are running the games at 1920x1080
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