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I got myself a new keyboard, the Logitech media Keyboard 600, installed the software that came with it and it has changed my mouse sensitivity. I've been using this mouse on the same sensitivity for 11 years. I've checked the default windows and it's exactly the same, I've tried moving it up one notch and it's way too high and if i leave it on dead middle its way too slow. The mouse has no DPI setting that i know of, at least there isn't a button to change it. Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone else even know how to fix this?

Thanks very much in advance

// Jack
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  1. you do not need to install the keyboard drivers unless you want to use any special media keys or functions included on the keyboard. if you uninstall the keyboard drivers your mouse control may go back to normal. however i find it odd that a keyboard driver would affect your mouse at all.

    no, the mouse doesnt have any dpi control that i know of unless there is some software out there for it. i've used one in the past but it was just plug and play - no software when i did.
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