Help me PURLEEZE, i own an acer 5740g

Acer laptop with 500gb hard drive and 4gb ram.

I stupidly decided to restore to default from the erecovery option on windows(operating system was windows home premium 64 bit) when the HDD was working as it had slowed down slightly. The first part of the process i.e transferring from .SWM to partition 3 completed to 100% but then when it said please wait, progress halted at 53% for the second part. It stayed that way for hrs so i thought reboot and use F10 and the hidden partition and lo and behold the exact same sequence happened, 100% of copying .sWM to partition 3 then the progress bar only stage after that stalled at 53%.

I downloaded ultimatebootcd and ran a tstdsk option from partionmagic on that cd and it mentioned too many heads per cylinder or too many tracks per sector. I havent got a clue what either means but i tried running the WD media disk checker before tstdsk and although tstdsk was able to analyse the whole disk the WD dskchecker said no hard drive attached which is probbaly more of a compatibility issue with windows 7 i would imagine given tstdsk identified and scanned the drive.

Ive got no idea what else i can do with the software on ultimate bootcd to help me in my situation, there are 3 partitions i have identified, a big 450gb partition 3, a PQservice which i imagine is the erecovery and a 3rd partition which is partition 2.

Do i delete everything on partition 3 using killdsk and try installing from hidden partition again. Given the fact that the first stage of e-recovery (copying from .SWM to partition 3 completes but the second stage stalls at 53%) is it partition 3 thats at fault. Can i salvage or scan the first partition for errors, if i can how?

I have ordered the recovery disks at 50 pounds as i need a usable laptop but would much rather have them in reserve and try and salvage the situation before they arrive in 2weeks.

Any help, dummies guide to ultimatebootcd given what ive described above would be much appreciated.
Help me :)
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  1. Is your hidden partition 100mb
  2. Yes media/SDa1 is pqservice and is 12gb, media/SDa2 is titled system reserved 100mb and media/sda3 is titled acer and is 450gb. Help me.......
  3. 1st partition is your backup as shipped, 2nd part is what Win7 makes for boot info, 3rd is where OS and programs go.
    How much free space is on the drive?
    Open run and type, chkdsk /f and enter
    Any errors found?
  4. How would I do that when I can only boot up through ubcd. There is s run option but it doesn't recognise that command.
  5. mhelm, i can only boot up through partitionmagic which is linux os, there is a run option there but it doesnt recognise command. Are you aware of another method of getting a run menu up to chkdsk or are you familiar with the workings of any of the programs on ubcd. Would it be worth wiping partition 3 with killdsk as ive noticed some folders are on there probably stuff that was installed prior to it stalling at 53% and then trying again???
  6. Is there a disk checking utility on the PM disk if so try to use it.
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