2500+ Barton. Will it last another year

Recently ive been thinking about upgrading my computer.
However i am planning to spend a year travelling from sep 2006 onwards. If i chuck a 6600GT and another 512 Mb of ram do you think it would last another year playing games. Or is it best to sell now and fire in an A64 3200.

At present i have
Athlon XP 2500+ Barton
ATi 9600 pro
512 Mb ram
120 Gb 7200 8 mb cache hard drive
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  1. keep it for another year at least the benefits for a 3200 64bit will be 20% increase not really worth the money but by all means buy some extra ram this will help and the 6600gt will be good and last you, but instead get a x800xl agp that might do more justice for you.

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  2. Agree with Wusy and RX - another option is the X800Pro at Newegg - it is a VIVO and you should be able to unlock it to 16 pipes and X800XT performance. At $259 that would be a great deal. If you're not interested in OCing the vid card then go with the X800XL - it has the best price/performance on the streets right now. There is a recent thread in the graphics with links on how to OC the X800Pro card.... :smile:

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  3. Cheers guys.
    Got myself an aero 7 fan and OCd it to 2122Mhz
    The new card and ram is in the post
  4. went for the 6600 GT in the end. The gigabyte card recommended in the THG review this month. Just could not part with £200 for the 800XL
  5. you will be ok with that for some time. The 6600 plays this gens games very well. 1+ years you will be ok.
  6. 6600 + 512 would do you well for the next year.

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  7. If you can OC the barton 2500 then slapping in a 6600gt should last you another year, just dont expect to enalble all the eye candy toward the end.

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  8. The 6600gt is a great card, and the fact that it is dx9c complient is a bonus. Good choice.

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  9. I bought the barton in sep 2003. Have been tinkering with the OC but reckon its only stable at 2800+ ram is letting me down i think
  10. i have an coolermaster aero 7 with the turbine fan will that do.
    You can change the multiplier through the bios on my mainboard. What is the max value i should crank it to
    If it is not unlocked what will happen? Will it just not boot and ill have to reset the CMOS?

    Sorry i know this is not the overclocking forum

    I only have PC2700 ram and an MSI KT4V motherboard so i think that is why overclocking the FSB resulted in an unstable system

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  11. He has his fsb @ 192. Do you think his system will post @ 13.5 X 192?
    If he has stable @ 12X he will be a lucky boy. That would be better than xp3200 pref. Maybe he should try 11.5, and see how good his temps are. Even 2.2ghz may need a little more voltage.
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