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Best monitor under $200?

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
December 26, 2011 11:10:51 PM

Hey guys...

I've recently bought a new rig that intend to use for gaming and working with AutoCAD/other engineering programs. I've already spent $1250 on the computer and still need to buy the monitor and upgrade the keyboard. All in all, I'd like to keep the price of the monitor below $200 (or perhaps just above it if there's a sick deal out there somewhere on a usually much more expensive monitor).

I've been doing some research, and I've come across several different types of factors when buying monitors. First is whether the panel is a TN or an IPS display...where IPS is better in most ways except response times (seems negligible as long as it's at least 6ms) and price.

Second is whether the display is LED or not. I would prefer to buy an LED monitor, but if the LED on a specific monitor is so poor that it hampers the image quality, then I can go without it. I just want the best quality image overall.

Third is screen size. I am unsure about whether to buy a 22" (21.5"), 23", or 24". I sit up close to my computer when playing games, but kind of use it more like a TV when watching movies (I'm ~3-4ft away from the screen at that time).

Again, I'll be using this monitor for games, engineering programs, and watching movies/TV. I realize I can't get a top-of-the-line monitor for under $200, but what would you guys say is the best value out there right now? Should I opt to pay a little more for an IPS display, or doesn't it really matter that much? And what screen size is best? I know screen size is of personal preference to many people, but I still thought I'd ask.

I do not care about speakers/wall mount/swivel options.


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a b C Monitor
December 27, 2011 2:31:41 PM

Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

Take a look at Dell WFP2208 (ultra Sharp) refurbished monitor. I have two of these in use for over 2 years; one used 8 hours a day, the other used 1 hour per day. (call them if you don't see what you are looking for).
December 27, 2011 4:37:42 PM

Thanks to both of you for your suggestions!

Still, the main thing I'm struggling with is whether to buy a TN or IPS panel. I've read lots of reviews that say IPS is the way to go, but a few say that the screens of these monitors look a little grimy do to a strong matte coating that the companies apply.

I'm not very interested in viewing angles because I'm going to be the only one using this monitor, and if I sit differently to watch a movie, I'll just adjust it. I'm also not interested in response times as long as they aren't 16ms or something outrageous. I'm mainly interested in color representation and overall picture quality.

I've heard some people say that TN gives a better picture and some say IPS does. I'm confused about which is really true. I'm going to go to Best Buy or something soon to see for myself, but still, what do you guys think?
a b C Monitor
December 27, 2011 5:58:18 PM

When it comes to monitors actual viewing at the stores is the way to go.