Pentium 4 does not here please...

Hi folks !

A friend of mine has a:

Pentium 4 3000mhz Prescott Core
Asus P4S800
1gig of DDR400 GEneric ram
~500w (not real) power supply
Geforce FX5200


one day he started the pc, and it didn't start...just a blinking screen and no bips from bios...

the store where he bought it changed the motherboard...and as they said "it is working perfectly"...but isn't...

I'd like to help you help me...I'll help him !
hhehehehe =p

What may be wrong with his rig ?

Thx for all !
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  1. So... the board has had the motherboard replaced?

    And it does not even get into the BIOS? The computer should be making a beep code then. Compare the beeps you hear to the beep code in the mobo manual to determine what to check first.

    Do you have another monitor to try? Maybe the monitor crapped out.
  2. What is the current status? I know he took it into the shop and they replaced the mobo. Since the mobo has been replaced what are the problems that he is having now?

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  3. 1- He tested with another monitor

    2The pc does not beep

    3-Nothing because the pc doen't even start..

  4. If it doesn't beep then it's not the monitor - it's not even getting thru the POST. What PSU is in the system? Do you have another PSU to try in the system? Were there any power surges prior to his PC not working?

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  5. My friend uses a 500W GENERIC PSU =\

    He thinks that the memories might be damaged...or the processor...

  6. the pc turns on

    but nothing appears on the screen...and no beeps...
  7. Well if you took the computer to a less reputable Pc repair shop they could have fouled up somewhere installing the motherboard, and processor. Also ram sticks wouldnt do that unless all were gone. My friend had one bad one and his computer ran fine.
  8. I would take it back to the store and ask them to demonstrate that it in fact 'works perfectly'. Any store worth anything will stand by their work and fix their mistakes.

    If it does in fact 'work perfectly', then I'm at a loss to explain what the problem could be... other than a card or something popping out during the trip home.

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  9. I'm assuming that, when turned on, you're getting fans spinning and whatnot. I'm also assuming that your speaker header wires are plugged into the mainboard properly. If either of these assumptions are wrong, let me know...

    If the system is getting juice but not getting to the point where it can offer you BIOS error codes (blips and beeps), chances are it is either the CPU or the motherboard. It sounds as if the system can't even get to a point where it can indicate what hardware is causing problems. Provided you're system is getting power, I'd bet that your CPU is cooked or, second, your mainboard is shot.

    Take it back to the shop and have them stick another P4 chip in it. Don't leave until you see your system alive and running.

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  10. Now that is odd your mobo supports faster scotties and slower scotties, but no 3ghz scotties <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    More likely though, you need a newer bios than the board has. Do you have an older chip that you could test (and check bios ver. with)
    I really hate that board. It is a pos, doesn't even have DC mem. Cheapo crap.
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