Will this run vista or 7? or should I stick with XP?

I'm a poor college student, and a friend of mine offered me their Dell XPS m140 laptop for 100 bucks.
It only has 512 ram in it, but I'm going to buy 2 gigs for it(the max it can hold).

Should I stick with XP or upgrade?(Note: I can upgrade to any OS for free since I'm a computer science major.)
I'm leaning towards sticking with XP, but I just wanted a few opinions...thanks.

Here are the specs of it...
Link to specs
CPU: Intel Pentium M 770 / 1.73 GHz
RAM: Installed Size 512.0 MB / 2.0 GB (max)
Technology DDR2 SDRAM - 400.0 (Will be upgrading to 2GB)
Storage: Only a 60 or 80GB HDD, not sure if it is upgradeable.
GPU: Intel GMA 900
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  1. Once you get it upgraded to 2GB, it could easily run Windows 7. You wouldn't be able to do a whole lot on the machine (don't go loading up Photoshop to do some photo editing or anything), but it should perform decently.

    I wouldn't bother with Vista on this machine, as you would likely need more than 2GB for the machine to have any reasonable measure of performance.
  2. Pretty much all I'll be doing on this machine is surfing, using office, and doing some java programing for class.
    I was thinking about shelling out around 5 or 600 bucks for a new one, but it seems this one should be fine for what I need.
  3. Should handle that with Windows 7 just fine.
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