Ok guys...I have finally narrowed down my search to two computers. I tried the HP Envy 17, and it just got WAY too hot on the palm rest for me (and even more so for my wife). When I gamed for 30 minutes or more, it got so hot that I had to put something between my hand and the palm rest. So, I went back to the drawing board. I fell in love with the MSI GX660R laptop. It seems like what I am looking for, so I put an order into

Here is where I need some advice/your thoughts. I saw the new 15.6" Asus laptop (the ASUS G53JW-A1). The price is almost identical...and it has a better video card (460m with 1.5Gb RAM vs 5870 with 1Gb RAM). The Asus seems really bulky at the back, but I realize that neither laptop is slim (the Asus weighs 7.5 Lbs and the MSI weights 7.7 Lbs).

Do you guys have any experience with the ASUS ROG (republic of gaming) laptops? The MSI seems to have a sub-par screen...but I don't know anything about the ASUS screens. Which would you recommend and why.

Please, Please take the time to answer. If I decide to get the Asus, I will need to cancel my MSI order. I think the ASUS is really work a look, and I like both companies. However, I have not used ASUS laptops or MSI laptops, so I am basing my decision on reviews, pictures, and specs. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. 460M is slower than a 5870M.
    5870M is comparable to 480M(about 10% slower than it),so the MSI one has a more powerful VGA;therefore it performs better in games
  2. the GTX460m is a lil bit slower than the HD5870 mobility, and in some game its on par .. and the driver isnt optimized yet. the G53 got 4 memory slot, the GX660 got 3, so adding memory in the asus one will be really cheaper. for the same config, except the gfx card,and the HDD, GX660 have 2x320GB and the G53 got a 750GB, the gx660R is 130$ more than the G53 .. the 5870 dont worth the extra $$$$$. personnaly i gota asus ROG G50VT moddified, i changed the cpu from a P7450 2.13ghz for a X9100 and the videocard with a GTX260m. and i love my lappy .. but i will change it soon surely for the G53
  3. I haven't really heard anything about the things I was mainly concerned about (i.e. build quality, screen quality).

    I have heard the the 460M and 5870 are very, very close with speed (+3% to 5870 for DX9/DX10 games and +3% to 460M for DX11 games). However the 460M also has an additional 512Mb of RAM. I think the video card issue is pretty much a wash.

    I like MSI's design and sound quality and the Asus seems more like a "no frills" laptop. However the two issues above are pretty important to me.
  4. That's not correct, like i said 5870M is comparable to GTX 480M, GTX 460M is comparable to something like 5850M so its still slower.
  5. I am in the same exact situation as you as both of these computers caught my eye. The MSI IMO has too many bright lights and is very unnecessary and no backlit keyboard while the ASUS ROG is much more calm looking. The ASUS is also more thick 2.7" compared to 1.7" on the MSI. Both are made completely of plastic but the ASUS has a flat black mesh that isn't glossy or easy to get fingerprints on. One thing that gets me with the MSI are it's speakers (DYNAUDIO with subwoofer) which are proven to provide levels no other laptop speakers can. And with the Mobility 5870 VS GTX 460M, THEY ARE BOTH ON PAR and no way does a Mobility 5870 keep up with a 480M(2GB) and no way is it comparable(Two of these in SLI are comparable; and better of course).
    Another thing the MSI has are RAIDED HDD. From my knowledge, the Asus has an H55 chipset which does NOT support RAID and they both have 2 HDD bays... Either way I personally was going to put a SSD for the OS/apps and another standard drive for storage...
    Other than that, both have very much same specs... USB 3.0 (two on the MSI)...
    Once you add blu-ray options to the ASUS, it will go up to around $1600 like the MSI...

    Comes down to...
    MSI - Flashy laptop with big sound and lights (maybe if you're a DJ)
    ASUS - Big alienship in stealth mode with backlit keys/blue strobe light underneath screen...

    I personally am leaning toward he ASUS as I am a NVIDIA fan(CUDA/PHYSX I personally use) which has the backlit keys and more calm like I mentioned... The only problem that is holding me back is the thickness of the ASUS but other than that, meets all my needs....
  6. Maziar said:
    That's not correct, like i said 5870M is comparable to GTX 480M, GTX 460M is comparable to something like 5850M so its still slower.

    GeForce GTX 460M 1216 57
    Mobility Radeon HD 5870 1273 52
    Mobility Radeon HD 5850 969 81

    The first number represents the G3D Rating and the second is its rank. The GTX 460M is just about on par with the HD 5870. It should not be compared to "Something" like the HD 5850. These figures are straight from, which is an excellent site to check on........

    CPU Benchmarks
    Video Card Benchmarks
    Hard Drive Benchmarks
    System Benchmarks

    Your Welcome.........BB
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