Acer prisa 620 u

I can't find my cd to install
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  1. Don't see any downloadable drivers for that, it's pretty old. Acer does not even have an option to select scanners in the download area.
  2. Search around for the x64 drivers or go here:
    Ignore the heavy duty INF instructions and just do this: because they're unsigned you'll have to 'advanced restart' then select #7: run without checking device signatures; load the drivers--it worked!!
    This was a new Dell 2013 running Windows 8 64 bits! I downloaded GIMP 2 (freeware) to actually run the scanner instead of the old Mirascan software: File > Create > Scanner/Camera > select flatbed and it works. So happy that in the year 2013 my old flatbed STILL WORKS!!
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