Celeron 2.4D Overclock - Input please!!!

Celeron 2.4D "320" (prescott celeron, FSB533, 256k L2)
512mb Kingmax TBGA DDR400 (CL2.5-3-3-6 2.5v)
ASUS P4P800s (i848pe)

How far will this baby celeron go on stock cooling? I replace the stock thermal goop with (for the time) cheap generic white thermal goop called "unick" (aka crap) and polished the base to a mirror for better thermal properties.

Sofar iv clocked it upto 3000/667 and up'd the vcore to 1.4v (stock is 1.375v?), how far could this processor go with (A) stock cooling and (B) better cooling? Currently the case its in has a single case fan up front sucking in air and the case has no rear vents apart from a decent PSU fan (blows out heaps of hot air).

Finally - would that CPU ever reach 3.6ghz with FSB800 (with better cooling)? and if so would that be quicker then my main system - P4 2.6c@2.8? i do gaming and video encoding.
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  1. Go as high as you can with that baby...

    Check only 2 things :
    - CPU Temperature
    - System Stability

    My personal opinion would be to not buy cooling, because it would offset the cash you saved on the cpu. It's better to get a P4 than a Celeron+Cooling for the same price.

    Don't be afraid to push it to the limit, those Celeron are "disposable CPU", if you fry it, go out and buy another one! :smile:

    You should post in the overclocking forum about this!

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  2. Intel says you can OC the 2.4D to 3700GHz.

    Don't exceed 1.4v and keep temp at 70'C or lower.

    Better cooling might not be required if you OC with side case cover removed.

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