Good computer to play sims 3

Hello, I want to buy a computer that will play sims 3, but it's almost impossible to find one with a graphics card thats listed under system requirements. Does anyone know if the new macbook
will run it well or know of another computer? Thanks.
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  1. Almost any new computer with a dedicated GPU (video card) will run the Sims 3 Fine, My kids ran it flawless on a old Dell XPS-400 with a X1900GT. I upgraded them to a HD4850 and it runs better.

    Even onboard Video will run the Sims 3. Remember that a new CPU at 1.8 Ghz is faster then a 2.4Ghz P4.

    For the Sims 3 to run you can buy any computer that has Windows 7 or Any MAC today and it will run it fine.
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