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Can anybody tell me why nero 5.590 is sooooooooo slow to open in win xp?
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  1. shouldn't be ....uninstall it and reintall it

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  2. And if that doesn't work, try disabling the built in CD recording feature in Windows XP. Right-click the CD writer, go to the recording tab, and uncheck "Enable CD Recording on this drive".


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  3. You should try and upgrade to nero 5.5917, since .90 there's been mass amounts of bug fixes:

    Changes From Nero to

    Bug Fixes:

    Used space of Video CD is now shown correctly
    Fixed write speed display for some DVD/CD-RW drives in combination with some media
    Fixed audio compilation pause values changing when switching between Nero/NeroExpress
    Fixed problem for creating ISO images from DVDs with more than 4GB of data and added the possibility to split these images if stored on file systems which do not support files larger than 4GB
    Nero Express: Fixed problem for multisession copies with some source CD

    Added several new recorders
    Release date: October 31st, 2002

    Changes From Nero to

    Bug Fixes:

    Full-O-Meter shows the correct size for DVD-R/RW and DVD-RAM
    Only Disc-at-once is visible in the recorder settings for DAO/96-only-recorders
    Files cannot be dropped to the main window any more while a modal dialog box is open
    Resized edit fields on New compilation -> date-tab
    Disable multisession for DVD-Video compilations
    Fixed a problem in the save track dialog, which occurred hile trying to jump to an index positions within an audio track
    New message if you drop an invalid file in a VCD or SVCD compilation
    Added the possibility to continue burning even when the compliance test of DVD-Video files fails
    Fixed issue with verify and DAO/96 on some drives
    NeroExpress: allow only one copy of Multi Session-Compilations
    Nero Express: Fixed rare Unexpected Errors at the beginning of the burn process with some drives
    Nero Express: WMA plug-in shows different messages for corrupted, wrong or copyright protected files

    Added several new recorders
    If possible, Image-Compilations now allow to change the compilation type (DVD,CD, ...)
    Added multisession support for bootable discs (note: track linking is only possible with non-bootable multisession discs)
    Release date: September 30th, 2002

    Changes From Nero to

    Bug Fixes:
    Fixed wrong file filter mask for *.cda, which would cause .cda files not to show up in the add file dialog of both, Nero and Nero Express
    Fixed bug with showing / hiding menu entries
    Bootable disc fix: show correct medium size
    Fixed UDF multisession support
    2nd and higher sessions on DVD-RAM in multisession mode are readable
    Problem of detecting some Video CDs is fixed
    Improved stability in case on unsupported burn-modes with some recorders
    Nero Express: now remembers pause between tracks flag correctly
    Nero Express: modality of font select dialog in language preferences was wrong
    Nero Express: fixed problem of DVD-Copy with some media
    Nero Express: show all files in open file dialog (also hidden ones)
    Nero Express: fixed CD-Copy problem with some media when source and destination drives are the same
    Nero Express: fixed language change problems in the "More" toolbar
    Nero Express: fixed CD Extra page ordering problem
    Nero Express: fixed tool-tip problem on burn-settings page
    Nero Express: save button on burn status page was not working all the time
    Nero Express: deleting files in open file dialog now moves them to the waste basket, instead of deleting them immediately
    Nero Express: changing into folders of saved compilations didnt always work
    Nero Express: open file dialog combo box shows the right drive / folder now
    Added several new recorders
    Made some improvements for multisession copy, this improves the copying of Photo-CDs
    Added DVD-RAM support: formatting and writing
    Configure recorder options button in Nero Express (if supported)
    Nero Express: select all option is implemented in "add file" dialog and on audio and video compilation pages

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