How to change 32 bit from 64 bit on window 7

I want to change window 7 32 bit system type . Now running with 64 bit. It is not ok to use visual basic 6 and MS SQL 2000. So, I want to change 32 bit. When install window, don't ask me to choose 32 bit or 64 bit. How can I install window with 32 bit? Please help me.
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  1. get win 7 32 bit disc & install it..
  2. Or download a virtualization program (vmplayer is good), create a 32 bit VM and run the programs there.
  3. Or use Windows XP Mode since it no longer requires a CPU with virtualization built into it. Windows XP Mode is easier to setup plus Microsoft gives you a licensed copy of XP to use with it. You have to have Windows 7 Pro in order for it to work though. Otherwise, downloading a free virtualization program like VMWare Player (as huron suggested) or VirtualBox is the way to go. However, you have to have your own copy of XP to install unlike XP Mode (although there IS a way to use the XP mode image within VMWare Player but I don't know the legalities of something like that).
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