Buy - Acer or Compaq - Two specific models. Help?

Hello Everybody:

A friend of mine wants to buy a new laptop.

His requirements are not very high, his main activity will be surfing the Internet, and occasionally, a low consuming resources, game.

He came down to two laptops, which are:

Acer AS5551-2013

Compaq Presario CQ62-209WM

The price isn't a factor, since the difference is 20$.

One (Acer) has the advantage in video connectivity, and the other (Compaq) in RAM.

I've been told once, that Compaq is very lame, and is practically the lower level of HP. It has been said by a computers salesman. How true is this statement?

My tendency is towards the Acer, and it has also was my recommendation to my friend, but just to be sure, I wanted to post it here.

According to the average specifications of both of them, will me friend be able to play a game like GTA San Andreas normally?

Thank you.
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    The links do not work, i.e. they just take you to the electronics section of Walmart's website. Whatever the specs are, I'd definitely shy away from Compaq or HP. Their reliability is horrible.
  2. When I press the links they do work, but never mind. About Compaq; It means that what the salesman said is right.

    Thank you for your input.
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