I found the problem!! Question?

My blue screen "IRQ_equal_or_less..." error turned out to be a memory stick....I found this out by establishing a new harddrive and running memtest, after learning about it. Man, can that really create problems!

Master Sata Drive = clean load (XP didn't ask for Win '98 verification)
Slave Sata Drive = XP asked for '98 verification (most likely running off '98 kernel)
The game SH3 is located on my Slave HDD, if I click to play, will it run off of the Slave XP configured HDD? In order to eliminate this, will I need to format my E: (slave) drive as a storage only device for my games, pics, etc....? I believe I'll use my C: drive (master) for XP & Internet searches only!! Bare minimum to eliminate future problems.
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  1. Glad you found the issue! Just on ebad stick? Was it a matched pair? Going to RMA the memory?

    The SATA questions would probably get more/better response in the HDD forum...

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  2. Which OS installation was running when you installed SH3? That installation will be required to have been booted (usually) for the game to run properly.

  3. Most games have an exe fille, in thier main folder. Any link to that should start the game. You can just add a shortcut, usually.
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