Reloading Acer Aspire one

I am trying to reload my Acer Aspire one with windows xp with a usb pen drive. This is a last resort as it is running ao slow it takes around 10 mins to boot up into windows, but I have run into a problem I attempt to run windows setup from the usb drive and all I get from the Netbook on startup is that "There is no bootable partion table".

I have never run into this problem before as all my usual windows installs are done via Cd rom.

I would prefer a full reinstall as the acer recovery partion is missing and D2D recovery does not seem to work either.
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  1. Have you attempted to use the recovery partition, i.e. press and hold alt+f10 as you turn it on?
  2. Yeah tried it just shows you really should read manuals for things, but to no avail it's on in the bios but it won't start the recovery process it just boots into XP. I think the previous owners may have used a different XP disk to reload windows with. Any ideas ?
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