Windows 7 won't install on my seagate barracuda st3500418as

Hello, everybody. Anyway, I have a problem with my acer m4 series computer. I recently installed backtrack linux and then fedora onto my seagate barracuda st3500418as hard drive. Now I deleted the partition containg grub and the extended partition containing fedora. My windows 7 installation was corrupted all along the way. Now, I want to repair or freshly install windows but it says I need to load my own drivers. Whenever I boot into safe mode or start windows regularly, it flashes a blue screen and then reboots. By the way, I have the installation disk. Thanks for the help in advance
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  1. do you need steps on how to install windows?
    firstly you go to bios and go to boot order, set your optidal drive as the first one to boot from followed by the hard drive
    you pop the cd in you will get a message to press any key to boot from the cd
    once you get into windows installation go to advanced settings and select an option to format your hard drive, select the formatted drive to install youw windows into
  2. try and repair your windows 7 first by using the cd. most likely need to use the recovery console if it doesnt fix it by creating a new mbr etc
  3. I did that. Tried bootrec and automated repair. Didn't create system image so that was useless.
  4. I don't need steps on how to boot into windows, I know how to do that. By the way, I have important documents on the hard drive. If i delete them, my past work will be lost
  5. I use windows 7 enterprise edition. University supplied installation disk
  6. Boot from Linux LiveCD, backup files to pendrive and then when installing W7, let it delete every partition it finds, make sure bios has SATA/IDE channels set to AHCI.
  7. Sounds like windows is asking for hard drive controller drivers during the install. You would have to get these from the manufacturer (Asus) and load them onto a USB or CD to load up when prompted during the install.
  8. so how do I get these hard drive controller drivers. Can I get them online?
  9. By the way, I can top up 50 fps on a first person shooter game. (Battlefield Play4free) so I think this computer should be good. Have a intel i5 2.9 Ghz max clock speed: 3.1 Ghz processor. So the computer shouldn't be outdated. I'm accessing this forum from the fedora live cd.
  10. My office mates have the exact same computer hardware as me. Only hard drive is different
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