HELP! Sound Volume problems with Sony MZ-Nh700

I recently got a Sony Mz-NH700 Hi-MD player (it´s great by the way), but I have a little problem.

When I use SonicStage to transfer the songs it works good, but when i listen to the songs in the MD the sound volume is painfully low. I have to turn it to 28-30 (max) to have a decent sound level.

And the other problem, it´s maybe a related problem, is when i turn on the EQ in the player (doesn´t matter which setting) the sound really get´s annoying.
Not only does the volume get lower than before, but the sound volume goes up and down.

For e.g when you listen to a live recording the sound of the crowd cheering is loud, but then when the band plays it get´s lower. And during to song to, depending om if the drummer plays on the kick or cymbal or anything.

It is really annoying.
How can I fix this? The mp3 and wma´s are ok, it´s not a problem with those it must be something else.

Please help,.
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  1. Nice player by the way
    Well I have a ipod mini and I had the same problem I just reinstalled the firmware. I'm not sure if thats it but its worth a try.
    If its not that you might have to call sony

    System Spec's:
    Asus P4c800-E 3.2e @3.8ghz
    1gb corsair xms pro2-2-2-5 aiw 9800 pro
    audigy 2zs klipsch ultra's
    74gb raptor wd 2000jb
    pioneer 108 pioneer 120s
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