First build completed, TY tom's hardware users.

Now this is not really a question, but I felt like sharing that I successfuly built my first P.C., I had a 900$ budget, and I am very pleased with the end result.

My pc:
-Asus P8Z68-V LX mobo
-i5-2500k (this is a beast of a processor)
-EVGA 560 GTX SCC (After a bit of looking around I might have changed this, but I am happy so far)
-WD caviar blue sata 3gb/s 500gb
-dvd asus 24x regular
-Coolermaster HAF 912 case
-8Gb RAM corsair vengence

Good experience:
First successful boost and built in 2 hours!

Bad experience:
When installing the i5-2500k on the mobo, and when pulling down the lever, I was hearing crackling noise as if pins on the processor were breaking. I stopped, tried to read on it and did not find anything really specific besides: "If it is well align, it can't really break". So I pushed down, it cracked like crazy.

When first booting the system, I had a CPU fan error, I for sure thought the CPU was broken. I took the fan out, rotated it, and plugged it back in, and it worked afterward. (Thanks god!!!)

Now, since the community gave to me, I would like to give back to the community:

Ask me anything about-
1-Accounting of any sort
2-Tax in quebec/canada
3-Access developping
4-VBA developping
5-SC2 gaming advice
6-HON/DOTA gaming advice
7-How to pick up ladies :)
8-Work out programs
9-What kind of beer I like
10-Anything else that is not specific or serious

Thanks for your help building this computer.
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  1. Forgot the PSU OCZ modxtream 700W (A bit of a overkill but might SLI a 560TI or change the graphic card)
  2. Nice job!
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