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OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
CPU: Intel Q6600
Motherboard: MSI P45 Diamond
Memory: 2 x 2Gb Corsair DDR3 1600mhz
Graphics card: ATI HD 3870

I'm installing my new OS Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit to my system to finally update from Vista. Everything goes well during installation. But after finishing the install and the system reboot to start for the first time, the system crashes with the "blue screen of death" It has a message that something to do with the display driver and it can't boot up to the windows for the first time. I have restarted the pc again and again and I get the same results.

As for the motherboard, it's a gaming edition and does not have a VGA output or a DVI. The motherboard has to have a graphics card installed to see the screen. It it seems like Windows 7 is not recognizing the graphics card.

The system runs fine on the Vista 32bit and I can't figure out why Windows 7 on the other hand can't make it to the main screen. Is there a BIOS setting I can do to make this work? Or a trick around it?

Any help would be very welcome and appreciated.
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  1. Also I have installed the Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on my older computer with dual core and DDR and a small graphics and it's a success! It's able to boot to the main screen and all. I did that just to prove that the windows 7 is good. I did not activate the OS as the computer is not even connected to the internet. I have deleted that copy of the Windows 7 since I want the main pc to have it.

    I'm sure the MSI P45 Diamond motherboard and the ATI HD3870 graphics card is the issue here. I just can't figure it out.
  2. is the hd3870 running the latest 7 drivers
  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    is the hd3870 running the latest 7 drivers

    I cannot go to the main screen as the Windows tries to start for the very first time. After it shows the logo, the system freeze up and then "blue screen of death" saying about an error of the display driver. You see I can't even go to the main desktop to install the latest driver for the HD3870.
  4. You are upgrading to windows 7.... hmmm you here all sorts of horror stories with that kind of stuff. I would do a fresh install if you can. Upgrading from a 32 bit to 64 bit is never good.
  5. @ tank

    I did a fresh install and I even formatted the disk 3 times to make sure it's wiped clean. I know the hard drive does not have any errors on it, since I check it using my other OS the Vista. It seems the problem is the display driver, this motherboard does not have a VGA output in the I/O, so a graphics card in PCI-e should be used in order to connect to a monitor.

    How about this, I know the Windows 7 install on my other computer (Gateway). Should I just install it there but then install the driver of the motherboard (MSI P45 Diamond) and graphics card (ATI HD3870) and move it back to my regular pc? Would that OS works knowing that it's know on a different pc?

    Now that the Windows 7 have a 10.3 Catalyst driver for the HD3870, would it work?
  6. Try to slow Memory freq in BIOS!
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