What is the max speed for AMD Athlon 2600+

I don't want to overclock my cpu, but I want to know what is the maximum cpu speed that I can set through bios.

Thanks first for any reply.
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  1. You need to refer to your CPU documentation. They should list down the maximum 'non-overclocked' CPU speed.

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  2. The problem is that I do not see any cpu documentation when I bought the cpu. Anyway, thanks.
  3. OverClock it and find it yourself...overclock once for 10 years won't kill ur cpu
  4. The 2600, assuming it is a barton, runs at about 1900 hertz. You set your cpu fsb at 166. Use cpuid, a free download, to check out your specs.
  5. *coughMEGAhertzcough*

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