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so i recently bought windows 7 home premium and was originally planning on using it and the hdd its installed on in an upcoming build. but today i found out about the 16gb RAM limit of home premium and was wondering my options. the upcoming build will have 32gb ram in it. i bought a system builders license. is there a way to use that system builders license on another hdd and reinstall with windows 7 professional? or is the system builders license drm'ed at 1 all together. or to put it another way can i install with the same key twice of only one is active?
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  1. If you already used the OEM license it will be tied to that motherboard. In order to move it to a different system you will have to call Microsoft and see what they can do for you. They should be able to sort this out for you.
  2. so if the license stays with the mobo there will be no problems?
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    I think I remember hearing that a system builders license is only capable of being used with home premium. Also yes it is tied to the motherboard so you will have to use the same motherboard with that code, other wise it won't work.

    this thread also cleared that up, and thanks for the super quick response
    now i can quit freaking out about possibly wasting $100 :)
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  6. now how do i close this thread lol

    edit: it did it on its own after i selected best answer. man am i a noob lol
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