Bad colors on Benq XL2420T monitor, plz help!

Hello, a few days ago i got a new monitor, the Benq XL2420T since i wanted a 120 hz one, and i was told that this should be one of the best for gaming. When i first got it i thought the colors looked absolutely horrible, so i tried to change some of the options and it does look a bit better, but just still not as good as my old Samsung P2250. :( Right now i am at the point where i can choose between having almost the right colors, but still very grey'ish which looks kinda sad or to have stronger colors, but where especially blue/purple/pink colors sort of blends together and you cant always tell the difference between them. And that brown wood color almost becomes sort of a gold color.
Is this a general problem with 120 hz gaming monitors?

What i would really like is some advice on how to get the colors right, i would be so grateful for that.

Another thing is that i cannot change more than like half of the options no matter which picture mode im in.

Please, someone out there help me! Thanks :)

EDIT: Can you get a driver for the monitor btw? I havent been able to find one. :o
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  1. hey, I just got my Benq XL2420T and when the first time I turned it on, I was like "o.O WTF is this ***?!". Everything looked crap. Then I found out it was tweaked for Counter Strike by default. So by now I explored everything in its options, and I made my own 3 profiles. If you want to see stronger colors, try this: Picture Advanced->Picture Mode->Movie ,then Picture->Sharpness->4, and Turn off black eQualizer since its only for CS. It looks a bit too colorful for me this way, so I mostly use Standard Picture Mode. The picture, the colors looks much much better than my old monitor (Benq G2400WAD). It doesn't have any backlight problem, and I haven't found any dead pixels, so its really a good quality monitor. It's perfect for playing Quake Live @120Hz (I'm a skillrating ~90-100 CA player), and imo its the best gaming LCD with the lowest input lag. I got the driver from the included disc, and I've installed it using the Windows' device manager since I couldn't find any installer. Btw I cannot change everything of the options either, but they say its because digital input is already using the best picture settings. You can try with an RGB cable, but you won't get 120Hz with it I think.
  2. I have my own xl2420t and the brown colors do look like granulated shit. Please let me know if you have already got a solution to this.
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