Laptop to PC monitor?

I have an old HP wide screen laptop, but th monitor seems to be on the blink. Is there any way I can connect the machine to a PC monitor?
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  1. There should be a standard VGA port on one of the sides of the laptop. Use it to connect any standard monitor to the laptop.
  2. I found an HMDI port in the rear of mine. Unfortunately it didn't transmit to the big monitor either, so there must be something else wrong with the laptop.
  3. Once the display is connected, Open the display properties (Right click on the desktop and choose Properties for XP, or Personalize for Vista or 7. You can adjust the monitor settings from there. The second display has to be enabled first, regardless of how you connect it. Alternatively, if your keyboard has a Function (Fn) key, hit it, and the key for adjusting the display outputs (usually Fn + F5, or Fn + F7). Continue this until you have the desired display setup.
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