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I have an Aspire 7720 and I would like information as to whether or not there is a product available that would allow me to connect and older IDE laptop hard drive to the laptop's SATA connector(s). I have two older hard drives from other laptops that I would like to get information off of and maybe use to try and do a multi-boot machine. I have seen plenty of things that would work for the desktop PC, but I am at a loss when trying to find an adapter for a laptop. I would greatly appreciate any help that the community could throw my way. Thank you.
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  1. One option I can think of would be something like this from Vantec:

    Won't let you mount the drive internally in your current system, but should let you at least get at the data if you haven't been able to thus far.

    As far as an adapter for a 2.5" IDE drive to SATA adapter, I don't recall ever seeing any made. If that's really what you're after here (read your post a few times and still am not quite sure), I think you're SOL.
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