Dead Space on my Laptop

Hi everyone, the title explains itself.I'm just trying to know if I can play this game on my rig (Gateway 15.6" Intel Core i3-350M Laptop ) . My system specs are as follow:

Intel HD Supporting Microsoft DirectX 10 Chipset
4 GB RAM DDR3 1066Mhz
Intel Core i-350m

On Mid settings would be just fine, at average frame rate, no need of xtra hig res or stuff like that
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    Intel graphics chips are nothing to write home about, even the ones embedded in the new Core i series mobile processors. The game should install and play, but don't expect even decent framerates.
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    Consider at least a HD 5650M/GT 330M for gaming.
  3. Too bad, cuzz that rig's the one I already own, didn'd bought it myself though. On Intel homepage, they just babble about the stuff you can do on the series's chipset.
    Quite a FAT LIE. Thanks anyway dudes,really.
  4. Intel does not tout their mobile graphics solutions as being gaming quality parts (unless you can point me to a page that says so). What they do normally mention is how their chips will allow you to do things like watch HD video without any quality or frame rate loss, which they are perfectly capable of doing. They aren't lying about anything.

    Regardless, I'm glad we could help.
  5. You're totally right.Now that I remeber, the ''babbling'' was just about that. I'll pay more atention in the future I guess. Anyway, Dead Space ROCKS
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