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Hello All,

I'm not sure if someone can advise me with my problem. My XPS was playing a video file, then I got a black screen but the sound was still playing. Then the sound started jumping and stalling so I re-booted. I cant boot to the BIOS even - I just get the screen flashing red/blue/green/white repeating this order over and over. Cant get passed this point. I'm thinking its either a video card issue or (more than likely) the motherboard has gone. The hard drive spins up, then stops spinning and I get the colours. Anyone experienced this or can advise me of my problem. I only bought the pc on Wednesday on Ebay and it was working great till this evening :-(
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  1. Sounds like the motherboard has indeed failed, but try removing the hard drive (and any extra ram sticks from the machine and then power the unit on again. If you still get the same problem, consider the motherboard toast.
  2. Pressing FN + F2 the machine now loads up Windows (but with a black screen). Still get the initial problem but I can get past it by doing this only to get a black screen. Think its now the video card. Thanks for your response.
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