New Windows 7 Build Disk Transfer Rating on WD Black Drives 5.8

Does anyone know why Windows 7 is rating my new 500gb WD black Drives only a 5.8 in transfer rate? They are set up in Raid 1 with the Intel on Board (mother board from gigabyte) settings. I haven't built a machine in a few years so go easy.
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  1. That seems pretty normal to me, my non raid WD gives me 5.5, what do you think it should be? ratings go from 1 - 7.9 but they would be allowing for newer components in the works.
  2. That is about right as my spinpoint f3 is at 5.9 in Win7
  3. 5.9 is the highest score for bare hard drives, and RAID 1 will give you a slightly slower write rate so your rating is probably about where it should be.

    To get anything significantly beyond 5.9 you need SSDs.
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