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AMD vs Intel Video encoding

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May 8, 2005 4:53:15 AM

I have 2 computers, one Notebook with a P4 3.0GHz Northwood 1024MB RAM and 7,200 RPM hard drive it takes about 30 minutes to encode a DVD with dvd shrink.

I just built a computer this week with AMD 64 3000 939socket, 1024 RAM 7,200 RPM drive. Encode same movie 2 hours

Now my amd system is dual channel and in benchmarks so far is much faster then my notebook. Is Intel really that much better at encoding? I knew it was better but this is extreme! I dont have cool and quiet on either. Nothing is running in the backround except Mcafee on both machines

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May 8, 2005 11:23:10 AM

I could believe the NW would be slightly faster on encoding, depending what codec you use, but no where near 4x as fast. Something is screwed up.. are you using the same codec, same verion of the codec, and same settings ?

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May 8, 2005 12:00:35 PM

Difference is not that great, it's more like 20-30% Intel advantage.
But i have no idea why you have so big difference..
Maybe your version is old, not patched or perhaps dvd shrink is the worsest software for AMD ever.

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As you can see from articles in those links that AMD is doing just fine.
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May 8, 2005 10:12:23 PM

I've seen a lot of bench marks and I agree I thought this was very odd. They have the same settings and the same version so I am confused as well. I'm going to look into it more and see if I can determine the problem.
May 8, 2005 11:17:38 PM

Are you sure you have no hardware conflicts??
A hardware conflict seems the nost likely cause.
Is this problem only with encoding or does it extend to more than that?? HAve you also tried other software??
May 8, 2005 11:23:33 PM

Sounds to me like the IDE/Chipset drivers are not loaded correctly. That's a poor score.

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May 8, 2005 11:59:46 PM

I've only run a few benchmarks mostly graphics related like Aquamark and 3Dmark2003, Both seem correct and I get very good numbers over my notebook that has a Radeon 9600 128MB GC. As for as an IDE problem I am using SATA and Everything seems very fast, it is benchmarking about 2X the speed of my 7,200 rpm drive in the notebook, but I will double check the settings in device manager. No I haven't tried other software, I really like DVD shrink, I hope there is something else cauing the problem.
May 9, 2005 1:41:44 AM

I seem to be getting good numbers for my SATA drive in benchmarks so I don't believe that is the issue. Average seek time is 7ms, its listed as 8.8 in the specs the 7ms is the benchmarks scoreI dont remeber the write speed but I was using SiSoftware Sandra Lite 2005 and I was above average for simalar drives
May 9, 2005 2:12:41 AM

To be honest, it could really be the real performance if your software is optimized for P4, though still I don't think it's right.
May 9, 2005 2:16:54 AM

I think Schmide might be right, Make sure all your drivers are installed. Also check the Device Manager to verify that they're the right ones.
May 9, 2005 2:18:14 AM

There is definitively something wrong with your setup, because with my 939 3000+ 1Gig RAM, it usualy takes between 20-30 minutes to shrink a DVD with DVDShrink.

Check if you have the latest drivers for your chipset.

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May 9, 2005 5:24:44 AM

well I'm not sure what could be wrong, but I am very happy that something is wrong so it can be fixed. I installed the lastest bios, and drivers i could get from ASUS for my motherboard. I'll check to see if there is another AMD driver and maybe a SATA driver? One thing I find odd is that my only drive that is SATA is listed as a removable drive in the menu by the clock. but not listed as removable in My Computer, I don't think this is it though because I've got good performance there.
May 9, 2005 5:35:34 AM

What about your DVD Drive. A fair amount of the bottleneck for encoding a DVD is in the ability to transfer from its source. Although many drives claim 20k read transfer rates, in reality it is much less depending on the area of the encoding (inner or outter) and the bus the drives share. When I encode on my 2800+ 754 I get transfer rates of 4500k on my 3500+ 939 I can do a bit better but not by much. I would focus on your DVD drive.

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May 9, 2005 6:00:31 AM

Wondering if he has it set up as PIO rather than ATA?
May 9, 2005 5:32:55 PM

Its a serial ATA drive so it can't be set to PIO, I don't know my drives read speed but its an NEC dual layer DVD drive. It has very good reviews on newegg and other sites so I doubt that is it, I also did the firmware update on the drive to the most current. I'm going to do another movie tonight and see what happens, As a side note.....I have the stock AMD heatsink and fan, I get 42c idle and 51c load, sound alright? I just want to keep the temps down but I don't plan to really overclock. I have artic silver compound but I don't have any of the good removers to get the old compound off the stock heatsink. I'm thinking in a few months I'll get that XP-90 or something but not right now, I'm more looking to get another hard drive to use the RAID abilities of my motherboard.
May 9, 2005 9:54:59 PM

I'm not sure exactly why but it appears to be fine now....I just used Matrix 3 and the estimated time was 50minutes where Finding Nemo the other day was 2 hours. I did update the firmware in the drive but other then that I don't know what was wrong but what matters is its better now. Thank you for your help and suggestions though, I hope I can help out in the future.