Gaming Keyboard: Logitech G510 or Corsair Vengeance K90?

I can't decide between these two keyboards, and since I've gotten tremendous help from this forum before I thought I'd come here for answers and/or input.

I'm leaning slightly more towards the K90 but I was wondering if you could individually light each key i.e. only light the ones required for the game you're playing.

What's peoples experience's with these keyboards? Any feedback is helpful :)
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  1. Between those two I would go for the mechanical keyboard. If you were open to other suggestions there are other mechanical keyboards to choose from like Leopold, Filco, and Rosewill. All offer different MX switches to fit your needs. I prefer cherry mx brown switches because I game and type. But if your strictly gaming you may want to lean more towards cherry mx black, or red switches.
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