I really messed up this time....

Well the other day I decided to get rid of all the dust that was in the fan and heatsink sitting on top of the cpu... so I take it off and get the dust out then put it back on again... thinking about it I did use a fair amount of force.. well, those things are hard to get on. Anyway now when I try to turn the computer on the only thing that happens is the cpu fan turns. aaagghhh. Where do I start?


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  1. LOL You took your HSF off? How did you get the dust off?????
  2. I took the heatsink off with the fan still attached to it... didnt take the fan off. Dust was between the two, got it out with a pointy thing.
  3. If you didn't reinstall your heat sink and fan properly, the CPU will overheat very quickly and the thermal protection will shut it down almost immediately.
  4. Did you reapply thermal compound?
  5. Don't listen to Wusy - he's just a pot-head.

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  6. no, not the new pothead, just the new board ASSW___LE!
  7. Did you hear a crunching sound as you put the HSF back on?

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  9. THermal compound? Ahhh nope.. no I didnt... Guess I fried it then?
  10. Maybe not try applying the compound and then try it again. I don't know what kind of protection it has but my understanding is that it shuts down if it overheats, hopefully this is the case.
  11. 1) What CPU is it?
    2) Did you scrape the CPU with the "pointy thing"?
    3) Did any of the dust look like a thin coating of dry black paint or grey/white squidgy goop?

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